Press release ACQ5 award part 2 - 2020

Both Jeremy Blain individually and his company, Performance Works International, have achieved 5-star (maximum) ratings across all voting categories and receive two international awards as voted for by industry experts, professionals and companies.


Jeremy Blain – ACQ5, 5-star rated International GameChanger™ of the year 2020 and CEO of Performance Works International responds.

“Winning the International GameChanger™ Award for a second time is important for me in proving consistency. Consistency in challenging the norm, challenging organisations to transform and developing solutions that are execution-focused to accelerate success, globally.

This is doubly satisfying as the PerformanceWorks International Company of Year award (Remote Training and Virtual Classes) is based solely on how we ourselves have adapted to increasing remote working, accelerated by COVID-19, and how we have helped organisations large and small rapidly adopt the best practices to do the same…And we have done that through our creative, engaging, fun and actionable virtual classes and online learning programming, for which we continue to receive strong feedback and which we constantly challenge and evolve to suit the situation, company, time available and outcome required.”


As voted for by cross-industry professionals, experts, partners and peers

Announcement from ACQ5 Global awards

The main purpose of the ACQ5 global awards is to focus on organisations and individuals that can demonstrate an ability to deliver mould-breaking services and skills to meet their clients’ needs. They can also rapidly adapt to market and regulatory conditions and bring best in breed expertise to their customers and stakeholders. Our awards consider candidates and companies that are truly world class in the way they operate and in the services they deliver

The total number of votes received for the 2020 global awards stood at an amazing 98,291. ACQ5 Global Awards decisions are firmly based on peer nominations and voting, following the receipt of detailed submissions from industry participants and extensive year-round research into the markets, in all global regions.


Press spokesperson for ACQ5 added.

“The 2020 ACQ5 Global Award winners represent the best of breed in all industry sectors and have earned these honours by standing out in a group of very impressive finalists. We are lucky enough to work with some of the most influential and enterprising private organisations in the world and are proud to share their message with our readers. Our awards operate on a legitimately independent nomination process. Our award winners are chosen by our readership

…We would like to congratulate Jeremy Blain and Performance Works International on their continuing journey to provide excellence in business transformation consulting, growth engineering, training and executive coaching. Your peers and customers have nominated you as the best in class, on a global scale. We at ACQ5 agree! Congratulations.“


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