During the last quarter of a century that has been my working career, the world of work has changed beyond all recognition. This may be difficult for our younger readers to imagine but when I started my working life on a small regional newspaper in the Midlands the internet simply didn’t exist or certainly wasn’t something used by the general public. For us in our office the height of modern technology was a fax machine which at the time we were very proud of. Fast forward twenty five years and what a different world we live in.

One example I can give based on my own working experience in the publishing world is the fact that the print media is now dying a slow death. In years gone by in would have been impossible to imagine institutions of the UK publishing industry like Auto Trader and The Yellow Pages no longer printing but they are all no longer available in print format and now only available in digital form. I suppose what I’m trying to say is that in the modern digital age if you run a business you need to adapt and embrace modern technology or face falling behind your competitors and in the long term quite simply you cannot survive.

Everything from the way we shop to the way we communicate with each other has changed and the pace of that change has been dramatic. Whilst it’s impossible to predict the future, one thing we can be relatively sure of is that technology is going to continue to change our lives in the future. As a business owner what do you do and how do you prepare your organisation to take full advantage of the opportunities new technology will bring. Savvy business owners recruit the help of experts and when it comes to preparing you and the workforce for future opportunities in the digital age then multi award winning Performance Works are the go to people to help your business not only survive but actually thrive.

Performance Works International is an organisation whose focus is to get organisations, leaders and managers ready for the future now. They do this by building new professional and personal skills, delivered through consulting, training and other developmental interventions, growing individuals and positively impacting performance. In this age of disruption and constant change leaders need to navigate the future to remain competitive. They need to be innovative and reshape their business and organisational culture in an increasingly digitised world. Providing leaders with the right tools and guidance to achieve success within their respective industry is all important and this is where Performance Works are the industry leaders.

Founder and CEO Jeremy Blain reflecting on the success of Performance Works says, “Here at Performance Works International we are building on digital transformation and reinforcing the need for whole business model transformation. By helping leaders and managers to fully understand each component, operationally we offer something that has not been done effectively until now. We do this through intensive research, action oriented tools and consulting, including brand new models to guide organisations as they steer their businesses through the choppy waters of transformation. As a result our clients value Performance Works for its customer centricity, its strategic knowledge leadership and its operational know how in terms of rapid implementation, execution of initiatives and the deployment of global experts where they are needed the most to drive results.”

We first came across Performance Works when we read about them picking up an Award for Digital Transformation Consulting in Acquisition International’s prestigious Global Excellence Awards. Having looked into Performance Works it’s hard not to be impressed by their refreshing approach and the real difference they have made to so many organisations, equipping them with the tools they need to succeed in the competitive world of modern business. It is with this in mind that South East Star have awarded Performance works with one of our 2019 Awards of Excellence. The award is well deserved recognition for the groundbreaking work they are doing preparing businesses to deal with the challenges they face in the digital age.

In terms of future outlook they remain as committed as ever to helping evolve how businesses and business leaders operate. They have several speaking engagements and webinars around the world in the pipeline, supporting this and 2 hour- 2 day leadership team sessions to introduce the ‘what’ and the ‘how’ as a catalyst to fast track the process. For more information on Performance Works International or any of the services that they provide please visit www.performanceworks.global or telephone 07483 272471.