Over recent decades technology has completely transformed the way we live every aspect of our lives from the way we work to the way we interact with each other. In the modern digital world leaders who fail to embrace this change and to take advantage of the opportunities that new technology brings will not only limit growth of their business but will ultimately fail. Keeping up with this unprecedented rate of transformation is perhaps the biggest challenge faced by business leaders, when speed is the competitive currency of the day. Leaders find themselves on a steep learning curve and embracing these working practices can be a daunting prospect. Perhaps ‘slowing down to speed up’ can be the best short term tactic for many leaders, to help accelerate progress in the medium term.

Performance Works International is an award-winning organisation that has been successfully assisting businesses and their leaders in the UK, North America and Asia Pacific transition and navigate the challenges that come almost daily it seems. In recognition of the standards they’ve set and their achievements to date we are delighted to announce Performance Works as the winners of one of our 2024 Platinum Business Awards.

Our Platinum Business Award is the highest possible recommendation that we provide as an organisation with Performance Works joining a very exclusive group of winners. With our awards we think it’s important to recognise organisations that are bringing something new and innovative to their marketplace. They don’t necessarily have to be the biggest but they have to be an organisation that is trying to offer something different to what is already out there and above all they must offer a great product or service. We feel that Performance Works ticks all the boxes and are worthy winners of our award. This latest award follows on from several prestigious industry awards that they’ve won in recent years including receiving our own Award of Excellence in 2023. The award is well deserved and has further cemented their reputation as one of the global leaders in their field.

There are many factors in their success but first and foremost they are good at what they do with the entire team sharing the same steadfast determination to maintain the same high standards that have become such a trademark. This is achieved through annual research into the latest leadership and business transformation trends, informing their own learning first, enabling the team at Performance Works to constantly upgrade content, case studies and evolved ways of learning. Linking clients with like-minded leaders across the globe, or locally.

This is how Performance Works International has managed to maintain excellence and how they commit to go forward, year on year to the benefit of their clients, their own leaders and learning professionals. It’s rare in an industry that largely relies on packaged learning products or scantily updated content that pays lip service to trends and needs, but does not go deep enough. It’s something that really distinguishes Performance Works in their field in this regard globally.

In this age of disruption and constant change leaders need to navigate the future to remain competitive. They need to be innovative and reshape their business in an increasingly digitised world. Organisations and individuals need to be clear how they respond. Performance Works International can support your business and its leaders and managers through this transitionary period filled with constant challenges while pushing for performance at every level.

Transformational leaders need skills to manage how digital can positively impact their business, customers and people; how the workforce is transforming and how that leads to evolved leadership structures and practices, horizontal management over vertical; empowered working with support, rather than direct work with supervision etc. It’s a tall order and requires support from experts in this type of leadership. Performance Works’ team of experienced professionals can support the development of strategic and operational power skills and help build a better team for lasting change. They offer research-led skill development for leaders at every level, accelerating success in the new dynamic workplace. This is achieved through consulting, executive coaching, leadership learning expeditions, and facilitated leadership development, focused on action and growth.

The reputation that Performance Works International enjoys around the world is a testament to the tangible difference they have made to the success of the organisations that they have worked with. They are certainly showing no signs of slowing down soon and it is clear that there are many chapters yet to be written in the Performance Works International story.

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