Performance Works is named International Company of the Year (Remote Training and Virtual Classes) and, CEO Jeremy Blain has been named International Gamechanger of the Year for the third year consecutively in the GAMECHANGERS (ACQ5) Global Awards; the oldest and largest program of its kind in the corporate marketplace, globally, and distributed to over 200,000 eligible voters.

These GAMECHANGERS (ACQ5) Global Awards have been celebrating achievement, innovation and brilliance in their annual program, taking the ultimate step in the search for the most outstanding organisations & professionals across the globe and celebrate the best in achievement, ability and performance. Judged on their ability to deliver outstanding returns and to gain strategic advantage, the GAMECHANGERS (ACQ5) Global Awards boasts a legitimately independent nomination process, with all award winners chosen by industry itself.


GAMECHANGERS (ACQ5) Global Awards  – Press Statement, March 2021:

Performance Works International has been singled out for this prestigious global award for its ‘Innovative, creative, practical and action-oriented remote training and virtual classes’, achieving a maximum 5-star rating in all voting categories, ahead of all major international and local training providers.

Performance Work International was praised in particular for how the organisation and CEO, Jeremy Blain, not only created new learning experiences, but refreshed and renewed all the training content and broader learning solutions to be fit for purpose in terms of the evolved knowledge, skills and behaviours required, at all levels, in the modern workplace.

This second consecutive award for Performance Works International within the category is proof of a long term commitment to challenging traditional learning, training and developmental interventions; making them relevant and practical for the 2020s and beyond.

GAMECHANGERS (ACQ5) Global Awards  – Press Statement, March 2021:

Jeremy Blain, CEO of Performance Works International has been named International Gamechanger of the Year, 2021, for the third consecutive year. The first time a hat-trick has been achieved for this category in the 18-year history of the GameChanger Awards.

Jeremy Blain achieved a maximum 5-star rating in all categories for his internationally recognised business transformation expertise; industry leading client implementation approach; and his modern learning solutions supporting digital adoption, workforce shift, leadership development, mastering virtual selling and remote work excellence.

‘Jeremy Blain exemplifies what modern leadership demands; agility to secure the health of the business, digital know-how, a strong human-center, an implementation mindset and being empowering of others.  Jeremy’s proven international track record, his focus on self-improvement and his evolution as an executive leader and board officer for the modern workplace, has set him apart from his peers. This third consecutive award is merited and deserved according to nearly 100,000 of Jeremy’s industry peers’.

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