The Digital Leadership 2024 Perspective

Insights from 2,138 leaders across four continents

2024 Research presented by:
The Digital Leadership Specialists (Jeremy Blain and Robin Speculand)

The Progress

Digital transformation has created many breakthrough successes and efficiencies for companies. Our latest research reveals that:

  • Leading in a digital world is on the right track – Leaders are coming to terms with the many moving parts of digital transformation and starting to incorporate them into their companies.
  • Being digitally confident – Almost two out of every three leaders interviewed believe they were able to guide their organization through its digital transformation.
  • Adopting new measures – Leaders recognize the importance of creating new measures to track the value gained from digital transformation.

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The Big But . . .

  • Becoming digitally detached – This year’s research across four continents identified a major gap in that C-suite and board members are overestimating the state of digital transformation implementation, potentially resulting in misalignment, poor CapEx, and inconsistent DigEx investments.
  • Missing the purpose for digital – Senior leaders have not identified the driving force behind the transformation – the customer. This is a critical stumbling block.
  • Leaders are under greater pressure to improve their digital knowledge – the ever-accelerating pace of digital transformation continues to challenge leaders to upscale themselves and adjust their leadership in guiding their organization through the transformation.

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The biggest bottleneck in digital transformation is not technology but leadership.

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Digital Leadership Playbook

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A Step-by-Step Model

The Digital Leadership Playbook is designed for you to understand how to successfully digitally transform your organization and to guide your organization through the transformation by answering pivotal questions and adopting the Ticking Clock© model. The Playbook discusses:

1. Strategic Positioning

One of the first challenges is to recognize the role digital plays in the organization’s strategy. It is not about creating a digital strategy but having a strategy to compete in a digital world. This Playbook addresses your strategic positioning around Future Thinking, Centricity and being Future Ready.

2. Operational Transformation

Leaders now recognize that digital transformation is about the whole business transformation. It is not only about automating backend processes or creating new apps. This includes customer centricity, empowering employees, culture shift, and building core technology platform.

Framework for Implementation

At the core of the Playbook is the Ticking Clock© model that guides you through your strategic and operational transformation. It brings together the required key elements for digital transformation and provides use cases, examples, leadership mindset changes, myth busters and worksheets for your organization.

Purchase the Digital Leadership Playbook as an e-book to guide your organization. A single purchase provides the license to distribute the Playbook throughout your whole organization.

Yesterday’s performance no longer guarantees tomorrow’s results.

Leaders are wondering how to adopt digital, to prepare for tomorrow.

The Digital Leadership Specialists offer a framework for transforming to a digitally driven business.

Transforming your company into a Digital-Driven Business

Performance Works International and Bridges both specialize in supporting leaders to transform their organizations to be ready for the future. We initiated this research to understand the level progress towards whole business transformation across three continents.

The research we conducted targeted 1,874 leaders across Asia Pacific, North America and Europe on their views of digital transformation and their readiness to implement it. It produced fascinating and even uncomfortable insights such as

Insight 1

Companies and leaders are not prepared for a digital driven world in 2019.

Insight 2

Digital transformation is not deemed as urgent by almost 50% of the leaders interviewed.

Insight 3

Digital is levelling the international competitive playing field.
We wanted this research to be action oriented, helping companies fast track their transformation across all aspects of their businesses, strategically and operationally; internally an externally.

Within the white paper we have been clear to draw relevant conclusions and suggested actions, including a three stage, 11 step model to help any company fast track their whole business transformation.

Both Robin and Jeremy had the advantage of road-testing their model throughout the research phase with positive results. If you would like to discuss how the Ticking Clock© Guys can help you and your leadership team accelerate change to adopt digital, please contacts us as follows:

Transforming for the Digital Era
The 11 Step Ticking Clock© model