Relevant learning topics for immediate delivery

A dedicated suite of professional smart skills delivered in 1.5 hours – 2 day sessions (virtual or face to face) which put learning at the heart of workforce development and support; with our clear goal to provide bite-sized and deeper learning interventions that have an immediate, measurable impact

Each session is insightful, engaging and action-oriented; packed with learning inputs, discussion, group activity, up to 6 creative interactivity options, and application to real-world challenges and opportunities.

You can select one-off training, mix and match topics to construct your own learning journey, and build up annual programmes targeted to specific participant groups, supporting a commitment to continuous learning and development.

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Flagship solutions for the modern workplace

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Our most in demand Power Skills

  • Communication excellence (range of topics)
  • Network to get work
  • Unlock your inner creativity
  • Being productive – managing your day with purpose
  • Emotional intelligence in our diverse workplaces
  • Building collaborative, winning teams
  • On Demand
  • Being a champion of constant change
  • Managing change in others
  • Leadership 101
  • Effective Management of others
  • Coaching for growth
  • 4 new routes to sales success (Insights, Motivations, Passion and Promise)
  • Everyday negotiation
  • Interpersonal effectiveness (range of topics)


Mobile, Self-driven learning with TIGERHALL

Tigerhall and Performance Works bring you a revolution in mobile-first digital learning. Simply download from the app store to start your journey now. Then sign up, explore and start your own learning experiences.