CEO of Bridges, Robin Speculand, and CEO of Performance Works, Jeremy Blain, are collaborating to create the Ticking Clock Guys© Partnership for making digitalization happen.

Organizations are failing at digital execution and failing at an extremely alarming rate. To succeed, leaders today need a different mindset and approach for 2020 than what worked for them yesterday.

These three facts should be sending alarm bells ringing in board rooms across the globe:

  1. The average success rate for implementing strategies is 67 percent. The success rate for implementing digital strategies is even worse, according to various studies. Forbes magazine and IBM put it as low as 84%.
  2. Nearly 50% of all senior leaders across three continents are not ready for the future. They have no digital vision according to 2019 research by Performance Works International and Bridges Business Consultancy. Furthermore, and more worrisome, the same research concluded that 40% of these same leaders are not even committed to create and implement a digital vision.
  3. One of the top reasons digital execution failure rate is so high is because of senior leaders’ lack of mindset change.

After their successful collaboration researching the state of digital across North America, Europe and Asia Pacific, the Ticking Clock Guys Partnership (aka Jeremy and Robin) are collaborating with the specific focus of supporting organizations to adopt digital so they can become future-ready and more competitive.

At the heart of their approach is The Ticking Clock© Model – a 3-stage, 11-step business transformation model for the digital era. Their Model provides a step-by-step execution process to adopt digitalization into a business and execute it well. Supplementing it is the proven Implementation Compass™ from Bridges Business Consultancy. The Compass ensures organizations put in place all the elements required for successful strategy execution. It also assists leaders in identifying their strategic cadence – their speed of execution.


Robin Speculand, CEO of Bridges Business Consultancy, states:

“I am delighted to formalize the partnership with Jeremy. We both recognized similar digitalization challenges for leaders and decided to do something about it. The research we conducted has been covered by publications across the globe, including CEO Today, Duke University and Forbes. The natural next step was to commit to supporting organizations through their transformation with a practical how-to tool and process that really works. Our unique Ticking Clock© Model has led us to become known as The Ticking Clock Guys©, making our partnering inevitable. We are committed to reducing the failure rate of organizational leaders embarking on their digital transformations. We are all about driving successful strategy execution and making organizations future fit.”


Jeremy Blain, CEO of Performance Works International, adds:

“We started doing research together to define what was happening as organizations strive to become successful in the digital era. Early on, we both wanted this effort to be practical and actionable. In parallel, we launched The Ticking Clock© Model. It’s the only tool that breaks down each component part of the implementation journey and helps organizations work through it step by step. The response to this approach from our customers has been phenomenal. Clearly, we’ve identified a gap around strategy execution. Many leaders simply don’t know what they don’t know! Our aim has been to change that.
As a result, we now launching a keynote and workshop to guide leaders and senior management teams through their digital transformation. On the back of this, Robin and I are delighted to strengthen our partnership as we head into the 2020s.”

Learn more about the keynote and one-day workshop from the Ticking Clock Guys© here.



Jeremy Blain is an award-winning business leader, a recognized International GameChanger™ and a human capital expert. He is also CEO of Performance Works International, a professional consultancy that helps traditional organizations transform into dynamic businesses ready for the demands of the future. Over the past 20 years, Jeremy has supported businesses in most major markets in the world. He has helped leaders and teams drive cultural shifts that respond well to the fast-changing digital era. Jeremy lives in the UK.



Robin Speculand is a recognized pioneer and expert in strategy/digital implementation. He is also the founder and CEO of Bridges Business Consultancy Int and creator of the Implementation Hub, the world’s first online portal dedicated to strategy implementation. He is the co-founder of the Strategy Implementation Institute and an  international bestselling author who has sold more than 45,000 books worldwide. Robin is lives in Singapore.


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