Performance Works International (PWI) is recognised with our “Award of Excellence 2019“, as voted by South East Star (UK) journalists, trade contacts and customers. This recognises PWI’s contribution to small, medium and large enterprise across the SE of the UK, since its inception in 2018.

To achieve this award within their first year of trading is indicative of the new, practical approach PWI brings to consulting, training and coaching of leaders and their teams, as businesses transform to be ready for the 2020s ahead.

This new approach is born from an understanding of the workplace challenges facing many organisations across the country and elsewhere; the new knowledge, skills and behaviours that will drive success; and the know-how for getting the best performance out of people now and tomorrow.
Performance Works indeed!

We congratulate CEO, Jeremy Blain and his team for this superb effort and for providing South East Star customers, partners and readers with something new, in a corporate education and training space that has needed a shake-up for a long time.