Special Guest:

Ally Stone

CEO and Founder of The Inspired Leader

Ally Stone has been a partner and leader in the hospitality industry since 2005. During that time, she was integral to developing 15 successful businesses and teams.

She bases her leadership style on what she has come to call “Inspired Leadership.” the approach elevates team thinking beyond everyday problems and obstacles, building instead on quality in group and individual connection for lasting effect.

Ally has worked with thousands of leaders from all levels of organizations, and in 2022 was awarded the Transformational Leader Award by The Universal Women’s Network and recognized as The Most Inspiring Leadership Development Company by A. I. International.

Ally is also a certified Meditation Teacher, a Heart Math Resilience Mentor, and an ICF Certified Coach working towards her Master’s Certification.

Charity: We are pleased to make this episode in aid of Little Warriors https://littlewarriors.ca/ .  A Canadian national charity focused on the awareness, prevention and treatment of child sexual abuse. Little Warriors also advocates on behalf of and with child sexual abuse survivors. We have made a donation to this great cause as a thank you to Ally for joining us.

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