Special Guest:

Mette Johansson

Author, Keynote Speaker, and Award-Winning Social Entrepreneur

Mette Johansson worked in leadership roles for multinational corporations over 15 years before founding MetaMind, a training consultancy providing learning programmes in the people side of leadership skills.

Mette is the author of two Amazon bestsellers; “How to Make Yourself Promotable: 7 skills to help you climb the career ladder”, as well as the co-author and ideator of “Unleash Your Voice, Powerful Public Speaking for Every Woman”
Her new Book: ‘Narratives – The stories that hold women back at work’ is out now and available through bookshops everywhere.

Mette is the Founder and relentless driver and Chair for KeyNote Women Speakers.

Charity: This podcast is in aid of KeyNote Women Speakers, a non-profit directory of female speakers on a mission to bring diversity to speaking stages around the world.  We have made a donation as a thank you to Mette for joining us.


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