Special Guest:

Dinye Hernanda

Learning and Development Professional for Startups & Scaleups | 30u30 Learning | Mentor of The Year 2023 for Young Entrepreneurs and the Indonesian Diaspora

Dinye Hernanda is the expert to call when it comes to building a learning culture that accelerates business growth.

Launching her career as an innovation manager in large corporations, Dinye transferred her entrepreneurial and inventive mindset to L&D, particularly thriving in the dynamic environment of hypergrowth startups. Dinye has set up L&D processes and infrastructures in four different companies, often taking on multiple roles such as trainer, facilitator, coach, and problem solver.

In 2021, she was recognized as one of the ‘Thirty Under 30’ in L&D, affirming her contributions and thought leadership in the field. Dinye founded “Agile L&D” to nurture a community of impact-driven L&D professionals. On top of all this, Dinye was named As Mentor of the Year 2023.

Charity: This episode is in aid of the Mossy Earth. A charity implementing high impact rewilding projects across a wide range of ecosystems to restore our natural world. We have made a donation to Mossy Earth as a thank you for Dinye for joining us. https://www.mossy.earth/gift


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