Special Guest:

Gerald J. Leonard

Gerald J. Leonard is the President and CEO of Turnberry premiere, also the Publishing Editor, founder and CEO, of the Leonard Productivity Intelligence Institute.

Gerald is also a professional musician, and brings his experiences of playing bands and in concert halls to the business context, in how leaders and teams can build productivity, engagement, motivation and high performance.

With a passion for helping others reach their full potential, Gerald has established himself as a leading figure in the field of productivity intelligence.

He has been featured as a guest on notable platforms such as NPR and Jack Canfield’s show, among others.
Gerald’s third book is out now: “A Symphony of Choices: How Mentorship Taught a Manager Decision-Making, Project Management and Workplace Engagement — and Saved a Concert Season”.

Charity: This episode is in aid of Dream Builders 4 Equity, Gerald’s charity of choice. An org that envisions a world in which all communities have the courage to dream, have the skills to build, and the resources to own their future. www.dreambuilders4equity.org/


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