Special Guest:

Dan Sodergren

Futurist, serial tech startup founder and media commentator,  Dan Sodergren is digital marketing, technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) expert working with clients, partners and associations to help them become more aware of the implications and applications of generative AI, now and into the next few years. As a futurist, Dan is a regular tech spokesperson on the BBC, both TV and Radio.

Dan’s main passion, as you may expect, is all about the future. Be that the future of marketing, or the future or work or how technology AI will change the world, in all walks of life, business and as an industrial movement in its own right.

Charity – This episode is in aid of the manchestercentral.foodbank.org.uk/. A charity in the heart of Manchester, UK, helping local people in crisis; as a thank you to Dan for joining us.


Find out more about how Dan can help you: www.dansodergren.com  |  www.aimarketingcourse.co.uk/

Get hold of Dan’s books here: futureofwork.gumroad.com/