Special Guest:

Dez Rock

Dez is the CEO of SIEMonster, and a neurodivergent leader. Dez knows that having ADHD has been anything but a detriment to her career – her ability to see the world as a puzzle (and manage all of the pieces) has made her an exceptional leader.

Dez has been an entrepreneur for over 20 years and now fully focused in on her own business, SIEMonster, a software company based in the US, dropping out of law school to start the company several years ago.

Dez knows that a start-up requires a person who can always fight all fronts without losing perspective and making things personal; and this is where she excels. And her ADHD superpower enhances that as we discuss.

Charity – We have made a donation to www.kiva.org – A force for good across society. It’s financial inclusivity platform aimed at supporting the 1.7 billion people globally who are unbanked or have no access to financial services.  We have made a donation and this episode is in aid of Kiva and all who support and benefit from it.


Connect with Dez: www.linkedin.com/in/dez-rock/

Find out more: siemonster.com/ – Cyber Security by Hackers