Special Guest:

Sanjeev Loomba

Sanjeev Loomba today’s guest is leadership expert, innovator, founder ‘Valuepreneurship’ and author of the Ninth Gear where he deep dives into the discipline with very much a ‘why, what and how-to’ approach. This is all about value impact leadership.

Sanjeev believes the world is tiring of the loss of integrity. He considers the future will belong to people obsessed by bringing real value to their lives, to their business and to their collaborations and interactions with others

With over thirty years of leading global corporations, transforming hundreds of organisations and thousands of people, Sanjeev’s experientially honed methods have brought growth and exceptional results and performance to individuals and businesses, from blue chips to SMEs.

The powerful combination of an insight into people’s emotional make up, as well as business management helps him to achieve transformational shifts in mindsets, performance, personal and business success.


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