Special Guest:

Brenda Harrington

Brenda Harrington is a Certified Executive Coach and the founder of Adaptive Leadership Strategies LLC. She works with leaders globally in public, private, government, intergovernmental, humanitarian, and nonprofit organizations. Brenda is staunch advocate for diversity, equity and inclusion everywhere

Brenda spent more than thirty years in private industry, in positions ranging from first-level management to senior executive leadership. She has countless firsthand experiences with issues involving diversity, equity and inclusion, both explicit and implied.

In her coaching practice, some of the circumstances she encounters involving diversity, inclusion and acceptance mirror experiences she has been aware of over many years. “When all you hear is that you can’t or that you shouldn’t, chances are that you don’t and you won’t…In many cases can’t means that you can, and shouldn’t often means yes—you should!”.

Connect with Brenda:

Get hold of Brenda’s book ‘ACCESS DENIED: Addressing Workplace Disparities and Discrimination’ through http://www.access-denied.net/