Special Guest:

Tim B. Green

Tim B. Green, Entrepreneur, inventor, Neuro-Cognitive Leadership Consultant, Data Scientist and advocate of empirical validity.

Tim is a 55-year-old Canadian living in Japan & working internationally as a ” Neuro-Cognitive Leadership Consultant ” & Teacher. He helps leaders solve their most challenging problems & build better companies. He accomplishes this primarily by applying the insights of neuroscience & psychology and through learning new strategies that are empirically proven to work.

He’s a lifelong inventor, student of success, & almost everything else. He listens to books continuously on a wide variety of subjects though they tend to focus on those that add to his consulting knowledge & skills. He’s a passionate myth-buster & debunker of the pseudoscience (Fruitloopery!) that has invaded social media & popular books, especially in the business consulting & coaching space.

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