Special Guest:

Veronica L. Matthews

Veronica L. Matthews is a certified Life & Leadership Coach, Human Resources Consultant, Corporate Trainer, Speaker, and Author.

Veronica is founder and CEO of VLM Coaching & Consulting Services provides individual leadership coaching, group coaching and mastermind facilitation, diversity, equity and inclusion workshops and discussion sessions as well as power skills training (critical thinking, leadership, effective communications, emotional intelligence, problem solving, collaboration, time management, etc.)

For select clients, Veronica will take on a Life Coaching client serving women who desire to rebuild their confidence after experiencing a workplace or life trauma.


Connect with Veronica:

LinkedIn:  www.linkedin.com/in/veronicamatthews

Facebook:  @vlmcoaching & Victorious Living Life Coach

Instagram:  @vlmcoaching

Twitter:  @vlmcoaching

Website:  www.vlmcoaching.com

Email:  veronica@vlmcoaching.com