Special Guest:

Johanna Godinez

Human Success Development Coach
B.A.Y. Lifestyle – Life and Style Coaches
Yoga Alliance E-500RYT YACEP
Beyond Asana Yoga School

In parallel to the transformational, unpredictable and uncertain corporate world we operate in, the not-so-surprising increase in mental, physical and other health issues have been central to the ongoing debate about how we transform our businesses, and ourselves (at all levels) in a better way. Many have struggled mentally and / or physically to cope, to work, to transform etc. It is perhaps heartening that mental health and total personal wellness is now on boardroom agendas, not just in the hands of HR or the few that care. But there is a long way to go…

The journey is not always as easy as it may seem to some, who practice this every day and are bought into it wholeheartedly, just like my guest and seasoned CEO, speaker and Human Success Development Coach, Johanna Godinez. Johanna is founder and CEO of Bay lifestyle (Beyond asana yoga) . BAY Lifestyle is into whole personal wellness and Johanna helps entrepreneurs, leaders and founders to up-level their life experience, embrace wellness practices and re focus their thought patterns through ELM (evolutionary life mapping) method. Featured in the press, on the radio and on TV, Johanna is at the forefront of driving the benefits of yoga and whole person wellness in the corporate world. I managed to grab Johanna on Zoom before she started her day, at a Starbucks in Puerto Rico to find out more.

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Website: https://www.bay-lifestyle.com

Contact: Johanna.godinez@hotmail.com

WhatsApp: (+1) 815-501-5070

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