Special Guest:

Caroline Pankhurst

Caroline Pankhurst is the Founder of Be Braver. Be Braver is a mindset, programme and practice. The Be Braver Collective is a digital membership based learning space, bringing the best of applied psychology to 21st century people development. Giving businesses increased retention, courageous high performance and more mindful teams.

The psychology of courage, especially in women, is Caroline’s field of study. How risks and fears can accelerate or diminish the opportunities and growth potential we realise for ourselves as leaders, individuals, teams, communities and organisations.

Caroline is an accomplished coach, panellist, facilitator and engaging speaker who has inspired meaningful behaviours change from simply speaking events alone.

Caroline sits as a charity trustee for GM4Women charity founded by Dr Helen Pankhurst, Granddaughter of Emmeline Pankhurst, founder the Suffragette movement.

In taking the name Pankhurst, Caroline is actively advancing the rights of women for an equitable and sustainable future for all.


Connect with Caroline:

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/carolinepankhurst/ |

Website: be-braver.com