Special Guests:

Andy Boothman

Andy Boothman is the founder of Busy as AB digital marketing agency and DressCode Shirts, a company designing and producing shirts that celebrate technology. Andy is passionate about the power of clothing, and strives to create the next generation of clothes, making them ‘smart’ in every sense of the word. For example, DressCode currently produce the World’s 1st contactless payment shirt, the CashCuff®.

In addition Andy’s mantra is to innovate and create technology enabled clothing that helps people in many aspects of daily life including health and wellbeing. Both Andy’s businesses are virtual, adopting #digital to #innovate and change perspectives, while maintaining a strong human touch. It’s all about #TechForGood

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Suzie Rice

Suzie Rice is an unconventional, passionate image consultant who helps ambitious professionals look the business, by making their confidence and style sizzle, without the headache of endless shopping trips! Instead, Suzie takes them and their wardrobes on a life changing journey to Style Heaven.  As Suzie says: “You’ll look like you, only better.”

So, If you want to get ahead and ‘stand out from the crowd’ but have little need for ‘suited and booted’ then you’ve come to the right place, Suzie specialises in snappy, dynamic dressing for business.

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