Special Guest:

Danielle M. Asah

Danielle M. Asah is an entrepreneur, author of the book ‘Becoming Your Dream Self: 7 Keys to Own and Control Your Life as a Millennial’, marketer, and the founder of the Creative Dream Academy in Cameroon; newly renamed and rebranded Digital Dreams (DiDreams). As a millennial marketer and entrepreneur operating locally and across Africa, she brings a unique understanding of how millennials perceive products and how they make purchasing decisions.

In recent years, her book: has found a new niche amongst other Millennials. Her versatile background means she is now in high demand to build leadership and entrepreneurial skills in others, across Africa and wider, through speaking engagements, seminars and workshops. Her aim in these is to educate, inspire and empower students, as well as to promote the spirit of entrepreneurship in young people everywhere in their personal, professional, academic and community lives.

Connect with Danielle on:

https://linktr.ee/danielleasah  |  danielleasah@didreams.com

https://didreams.com/  |  https://dreamsapart.com/