Special Guests:

Nicholas Schrøder

Nicholas is the Co-Founder and CEO of ProCollective, a Copenhagen-based startup that is helping rethink how professionals collaborate in the future blended workforce. ProCollective is an enterprise software platform that supports organizations in accomplishing more in a future of blended workforces. The technology provides a complete solution that facilitates trust, decentralized work, and opportunity through efficient network-, project-, and workforce-management.

Dr. Rochelle Haynes, BA, MA, PhD, CIPD, HEA

Rochelle is a published author, global speaker, management consultant, and senior lecturer. She holds a PhD in International Human Resource Management and is the Founder and CEO of Crowd Potential Consulting Inc. Rochelle’s passion lies in applying good people management practices within the growing digital economy and she recently spent five weeks travelling across Thailand, a remote-working hotspot, to explore co-working spaces and interview globally dispersed workers.