Special Guest:

Kevin Cottam

Global Nomad, Speaker, Coach, Author

Kevin, a proud Canadian and Global Nomad, Professional Speaker, Coach and Author is a man on a mission – The Nomadic Mindset. He believes the world is becoming narrower in its thinking patterns, we must change and embrace expansive flexible adaptive thinking patterns fit for 21stC Organisations.

He is the first person to speak specifically on The Nomadic Mindset and how this ancient wisdom can create an expansive, agile, adaptive, resilient, creatively sustainable workplace, leadership and life.

Starting from his humble beginnings in a logging camp of 300 people in Canada; to the ice rinks of the world choreographing for World and Olympic figure skating champions; to directing and choreographing multi-million dollar touring skating shows; to directing award-winning short dance film; to researching pastoral nomadic cultures in Mongolia, Kenya and Morocco; to authoring two intriguing books; to coaching executives and training in multinational enterprises and the European Union; to speaking on the stages of the world; and to having lived in 12 major cities, worked in 25 countries and visited over 200 cities, towns and villages in 60 countries; Kevin seamlessly leverages his vast 40 years of success and life experiences to intuitively build, grow, and inspire leaders to masterfully lead with expansive awareness.

His colorful image filled story-driven speeches draw from and weave together his elite figure skating history as well as research with executives and nomadic cultures revealed in his fresh leadership book, The Nomadic Mindset: Never Settle…for Too Long. These concrete teachings transport you on an inspirational and transformative journey.

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