A new revolution for the Tik Tok and Uber generation


Special Guest:

Nellie Wartoft

CEO of Tigerhall

Nellie Wartoft is the CEO and founder of Tigerhall , a mentor media platform that helps professionals — regardless of their backgrounds and circumstances — achieve their career and life goals by learning directly from Asia’s most successful people.

Education and learning has been a key interest for Nellie since her younger days. At the age of 16, she set up her first business in Sweden providing senior citizens with a platform to enhance their digital literacy. At the age of 18, Nellie moved to Singapore and has called the Lion City her home since then. Upon completing her university studies, she joined Michael Page International where she rose through the ranks to lead the sales and marketing recruitment practice in Singapore.

It was during her time at Michael Page International that Nellie saw pressing skills gaps between what employers wanted to hire and the skills the candidates had – especially in areas such as leadership, commercial, and influential skills. She therefore thought of the idea to help today’s professionals upskill and learn directly from Asia’s most successful experts. She founded Tigerhall after her four-year stint at Michael Page International.

Nellie has also spoken at a variety of HR and learning conventions, including the HR and Learning Show Asia and HR Festival Asia. She has also been invited to share her insights on learning and development with organisations such as Mercer, S&P Global and the Swedish Chamber of Commerce.

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Connect with Nellie: nellie@tigerhall.com | https://www.linkedin.com/in/nelliewartoft/