Special Guest:

Dan Sodergren

Ex marketing agency owner, serial tech startup founder and now media spokesperson Dan Sodergren is digital marketing and technology expert for the BBC. He works on the BBC Breakfast reviewing the newspapers from a tech POV. And on the BBC new channels as well as on countless radio shows as commentator on tech stories and marketing issues.

He is a consumer champion on shows like BBC Watch Dog, the One Show and RipOffBritain and marketing tech specialist for SuperShoppers and RealFakeAndUnknown.

His main interest is in the future. Be that the future of marketing, or the future or work or how technology will change the world, especially around healthtech and ecotech.  Find out more on bit.ly/DanSodergren

He is an early stage investor in HR tech company FLOCK and now works as head of business services and marketing at the MediaCityUK innovation tech hub – The Landing.

Follow Dan on Twitter https://twitter.com/dansodergren

Michal Wisniewski

Michal studied organisational culture at The University of Manchester and is the Managing Director of Your FLOCK – a new TechHR star-up based in the City.

FLOCK is a SaaS platform providing a digital team development coach helping remote teams increase revenue by creating more productive cultures with data & science.

Michal specialises in people analytics and data-driven decision making designed to recruit, on-board, and develop employees based on their core values and culture alignment.

Michal has provided culture consultancy to organisations such as MEDIACOM, Virgin Money, Coventry University and more, raising profits for his customers by creating more value-driven teams