Guest blog by Julie Morris

Image via Unsplash

What steps is your organization taking to attract and retain top talent? If you’re relying on traditional employee benefits to build a team of devoted workers, you might be selling yourself short. These days, millennials and zoomers expect different perks from their companies than people in previous generations.

Along with the longtime staples of medical insurance, life insurance, retirement plans, and disability insurance, consider thinking outside the box regarding the benefits you are offering your current and potential team members. Below, Performance Works provides some quick tips on how you can draw (and keep) top-notch talent!

The Workplace

Let’s start with making your workplace more amenable to your employees. More companies are offering their team members additional vacation time, paid leave, and flexible working hours, all of which are guaranteed to attract the best talent.

Another thing to consider is how much effort you are putting into developing your team’s skills. Make sure you invest in any technology that can help each of your employees improve their craft and fulfill their responsibilities more efficiently. Furthermore, think of ways to encourage healthy eating among your employees; you might be surprised by how effective it can be to provide free lunches, fruit, and hot tea to your team!


Work-life balance has never been more important to employees. Consider any way that you can show your team members that you value their health and well-being by offering benefits that account for non-work activities. For instance, maybe you could provide discounted grocery delivery, child care, legal services, and financial services, to name a few.

Allowing your team to work remotely or through a hybrid model could also benefit their work-life balance. And you might be surprised by how productively your team can work remotely! If your employees need to come into the office regularly, you could help them cover transportation costs or provide alternative solutions like bicycles, scooters, or public transit passes.

Health and Wellness           

You can’t research employee benefits without seeing a lot of content on health and wellness, and that’s because it’s vital for any company that hopes to succeed in the long run. Millennials and zoomers expect companies to offer an employee wellness program, which can come in many forms.

Some smaller companies may provide a simple fitness center membership; businesses with more resources might include a full-spectrum program with an in-house gym, mental health services, and financial health counseling. The best approach is to simply do what you can with the resources you have.

If you want to take it to the next level, you could even offer a workshop or training seminar on boosting health and wellness at home. For example, you could teach your team members about how decluttering their belongings can reduce their stress, as well as how to organize their closets and cabinets better.

Financial Security

We can’t forget about the importance of financial security. At the end of the day, anything that will help your employees achieve financial health will be the most substantial incentive for them to join your team. This means that you should figure out how to offer pension plans, comprehensive insurance, outstanding bonuses, financial consultations, and any other financial benefits that could help your company attract and retain top talent.

If your company hopes to stay ahead of the game in a constantly changing business landscape, it must prioritize employee benefits. Consider the ideas above as you prepare to make any necessary modifications, and keep looking for other ways to build a top-notch team. In no time, you will see that the time, money, and energy you are investing in employee incentives are proving well worth it!


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