Guest blog by Reena James

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The pandemic brought along many changes, one of which is the idea of the “new normal” for professionals. However, the BBC reports that there is still no way to exactly define what these new normal work changes will finally look like due to the unpredictable course of the pandemic. What they can be sure of is that workers are less likely to find pre-pandemic work structures with more companies offering flexible or hybrid work setups.

Often, the new normal prioritises a hybrid work option where an employee can work from home or at the office – depending on the company’s wishes. But how does this affect the practice of networking where the essence of socialising and meeting new people is important? Read through our tips below to know more about networking in the new normal.

Use LinkedIn to join professional communities

LinkedIn is a social media platform and the largest professional network on the internet. It can help you begin and strengthen professional relationships. Moreover, it is a platform that can help you learn and grow in your career.

As we wrote in our previous post on ‘The 4 Keys to Networking for the Business Generation’, LinkedIn can create successful connections through its lead generation tools. Using LinkedIn to join various communities and groups can allow you to meet industry experts, peers, and other professionals. In addition, it is also a powerful platform that will help you find job opportunities that can offer you the challenge you need.

To use LinkedIn, you must update your profile with relevant information to help you find like-minded people in the same field. It is also helpful to start finding your in-person connections on LinkedIn and widen your network by tapping into mutual connections.

Express what you need from your network

Even though you will likely be networking remotely, you still need to remember traditional networking techniques. Networking is about developing relationships, opportunities, and connections. Communication, no matter through what platform, is essential in networking. It is the foundation that builds your network. Clear communication can help you meet more people who will help you grow along the way.

One of the remote networking tips listed by LHH is being deliberate in what you want from your network, as this is key to building fruitful relationships. You need to express specific intent to prove that you have a clear goal. This helps your network know that you are genuine in your need to connect and learn. Be direct and honest – this will allow you to meet great people

Explore Reddit to pursue your interests

Reddit is more than just forums for fandoms and internet theories. In fact, similar to LinkedIn, Reddit is actually a social news website and forum where you can find specific content and communities. It’s an incredible platform to gain information about niche topics and hobbies. “Subreddits,” the communities within Reddit, range from philosophy, languages, physics, food, celebrity, and work topics.

What is great about Reddit is that you can network in a more casual environment. You can pursue your interests while meeting people who like the same things as you. This way, you can make a connection with people on a deeper level on top of the professional aspect.

The first thing you’ll need to do to join Reddit discussions is create an account. After that, you can easily find subreddits that can suit your interests.

While the new normal has changed a lot about how we work, networking is still a vital part of your career growth – whether in-person or remotely. If you are now a remote worker we hope the above tips are useful.

Article contributed by Reena James