Jeremy Blain is an award-winning Business Leader, Futurist, New Era Learning Professional, Author & Conference Speaker. Jeremy is the founder and CEO of Performance Works International (PWI). He has created PWI because he knows that his experience, knowledge, and passion can help organizations and individuals face the changing workplace and help them be fit and ready for the future. Recently he released a book called “The Inner CEO – Unleashing Leaders at All Levels”. In this book, he talks about people who can be the CEOs of their own life and their role within the organization, independently of which level they’re on.

Jeremy is teaching organizations how to survive in the time of the transformation that we all have to go through. Those transformations existed even before COVID, but the pandemic just made things clearer where the transformations have to happen.

This conversation revolves around the fact that people often complain about lack of time. Jeremy is talking that having people on your team who want to take up the role of Inner CEO really gets that necessary time for the leaders. So when you succeed with creating the culture, when everyone can step into that Inner CEO role, you are getting back your time as a leader. And time, as we all know, is the most valuable resource these days.

In this conversation you will hear about:

Two sides of the coin: leading others and leading ourselves

Why it’s important to first build the organizational structure and then empower people to take the responsibility and initiative

The usual flaws in the organizations normally being not in the strategy definition but in the strategy implementation

The need of transition from diversity and inclusion to representation and belonging

Is it okay to have people on the team who don’t want to take a CEO role?

I hope this conversation will help you to get out of the firefighter mode, and change the culture in your organization so that you have more time for yourself.