PerformanceWorks International is proud to deliver the Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile® globally through our certified practitioners


The Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile® (EMP) is an exceptional resource you can use to assess 14 scales critical to entrepreneurial success.

Based on extensive research, the EMP helps individuals and groups leverage their entrepreneurial strengths and target areas for development. In today’s complex business environment, organizations need to make profound shifts in order to stay competitive. Having an “entrepreneurial mindset” is a key factor in supporting and sustaining the innovation that is critical to generating new business growth. Anyone, regardless of age, experience level or type or organization, can benefit from growing in these skills.

Feedback Report/Development Guide

The EMP Feedback Report compares your scores to our exclusive normative data from entrepreneurs and corporate managers. The accompanying Development Guide includes interpretive material, suggestions for development, recommended resources and guidelines for helping you write a successful action plan.


7 Personality Scales
Independence, Preference for Limited Structure, Nonconformity, Risk Acceptance, Action Orientation, Passion, Need to Achieve

7 Skills Scales
Future Focus, Idea Generation, Execution, Self-Confidence, Optimism, Persistence, Interpersonal Sensitivity


  • Easy, online administration
  • Sound psychometrics
  • Well-researched
  • Available in both individual and group formats
  • Multiple applications


  • EMP Individual $45 USD
  • EMP Group $250 USD

Pricing includes the EMP Questionnaire, Feedback Report and Development Guide. Volume discounts available.


The four primary uses of the EMP are as follows:

  • As a tool for organizational employees and leaders to assess and develop their capacity for entrepreneurial thought and behaviour, which is crucial for driving growth and innovation
  • As a source of data to help college students who are studying and/or pursuing entrepreneurship explore their entrepreneurial abilities and make career choices
  • As a resource for professional coaches who work with entrepreneurs
  • As a means for advancing the science of entrepreneurship