PWI and Kevin Cottam are proud to announce a brand new offering for the leadership development challenges of today.

Kevin, is Canadian and a TEDx and Global Nomad Keynote Speaker, Executive Coach and author, who has currently journeyed the globe and specifically, Mongolia, Kenya and Morocco researching the ancient leadership wisdom of nomads to find what is ‘The Nomadic Mindset… Never Settle for Too Long’ and how it can help leaders today.

Commitment to development through education and learning:

Jeremy and Kevin are proud to announce that 10% of each purchase, regarding any of the following products and services, will go to sponsoring education of Maasai Children. 


About the programme

Batgerel Bat from Mongolia said ‘most people think nomad means people moving from place to place – it actually means the movement of the mind’.

‘The Nomadic Mindset… Never Settle for Too Long’, is for bold and courageous leaders who desire a fresh new perspective on leadership qualities. It is based on ancient nomadic wisdom combined with research and conversations with top executives. The themes are adapted for contemporary leadership in organizations from start-ups to multi-national enterprises. Through unique research garnered from nomadic cultures in Mongolia, Morocco and the Maasai in Kenya and conversations with over 50 executives of all levels in the private and public sectors, The Nomadic Mindset, weaves nomadic stories that exhibit nomadic qualities and executive case studies useful for today’s leaders in a disruptive world.

Exploring three parts of the nomadic journey, Departure, Discover, Destination, we introduce a fresh new mindset for leadership. These lessons can improve your leadership style, productivity, communication, engagement, change management, expansion and overall effectiveness.


Available Now:

Keynote Speech:  The Nomadic Mindset … Never Settle for Too Long – adapted for the focus/theme of the conference or meeting – eg. Resilience, Mindset, Future working together, Leadership, Engagement, Innovation, Change Management, Communication, Emotional Intelligence

1. The Nomadic Mindset… Never Settle for Too Long – e-book and paperback 

2. NBSM Assessment (Nomadic Builder Settler Mindset Assessment):
A fresh new mindset assessment to define the dominant and subdominant mindset of an individual.  It can also be a guide to look at the evolution and leadership of your overall organization which can assist you in determining if you need to change direction or leadership or vision.  It is a great tool for understanding the mindset of your employees and leadership teams.  It answers a variety of questions such as ‘Do we have the right people with the right mindset in the right position for growth or innovation or leadership …?’  When hiring a new employee what is there mindset dominance and are they put in the right position to flourish?

3. The Nomadic Mindset… Never Settle for Too Long – Workbook: 
The ‘how to’ use the book and the qualities to grow more effective, efficient and stay be motivated.

4. High Level Nomadic Leadership Interactive Workshop based on discovering and implementing 7 qualities of nomadic wisdom.

5. The Nomadic Mindset in Pictures:  
An image filled book from Mongolia, Kenya and Morocco along with quotes and highlight learnings from nomadic and executive conversations.

6. The Nomadic Mindset Journal:
A journal for executives to pen their thoughts and considerations on specific nomadic qualities.