Leading to win

Our best-selling, highly interactive half-day session featuring Paul’s experiences in working for great leaders such as Sir Alex Ferguson and Sir Bobby Robson. We will apply these learnings to your leadership context in the pursuit of excellence, today and tomorrow, across the business.

Target audience:

Executive / Board, Leadership teams, Senior Management, Future Leaders (Talent).


  • To extract lessons and actions from Paul’s experiences working for Sir Alex Ferguson and Sir Bobby Robson.
  • Apply the learnings to how we can better lead in business, as a strong foundation for growth and success, in the ever changing, more competitive environment of today’s workplace.


  • Highly interactive, action-oriented, co-facilitated session, mixing real-life sporting stories and experiences, with the realities faced by business leaders today; considering the age of disruption, #futureofwork, digital transformation and more.
  • Learnings at each stage will be applied directly to the business, with actions for each Leader participating in the session

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