Tackling diversity, bias and inclusion head-on

A half-day of sharing, interaction and Q&A follow Paul’s own journey in reaching the very top of the professional game nationally and internationally.

From the very early days, Paul’s fight against prejudice, racism and more provide many lessons for the business workplace in terms of focus, determination, control, inclusion, mentality and performance through challenge.

Target audience:

Executive / Board, Leadership teams, Senior Management, HR /OD / CSR / L&D teams, Future Leaders (Talent).


  • Paul’s own journey provides the backdrop for this action-orientated programme, helping us to explore how diversity, inclusion, conscious and unconscious bias are manifesting themselves in business.
  • We then consider how they are being managed (if at all) and lessons that can be learned to make the workplace a more inclusive, fair, ethical and welcoming environment for all.


  • A panel style session with a moderator to lead Paul and participants through a series of experiences and learnings, that can be applied to business.
  • Participants will be able to pose questions at each step through the session
  • The full group will be challenged to apply learnings ‘live’ to the specific workplace culture and climate they work in. Leading to positive actions for all, at all levels.

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