We are entering a new age of empowerment. Leadership at all levels can become the reality many have been striving for. We must unleash the inner CEO within our people and create the conditions where everyone has the opportunity to contribute beyond their job role, more strategically across the broader organisation.

In his groundbreaking book and associated learning solutions, author and business transformation expert Jeremy Blain sets out exactly how to achieve this reality. Unleashing leadership at all levels and creating in-role CEOs drives a more collective and collaborative approach to organisational growth, while releasing executive leaders, non-executive directors and boards to focus on navigating an increasingly uncertain future.

There are many books and training courses on leadership, management, soft skills and business in general, but very few which focus on leadership at all levels. Jeremy Blain has corrected this anomaly and provides an action-oriented, how-to manual, and supporting suite of services, for organisations, leaders and those ready to unleash their inner CEO to contribute beyond their job description.

The Inner CEO: Unleashing leaders at all levels will arm executive leaders with the steps to make this a reality in their organisation, as well as supporting individuals who are ready to step up as unleashed in-role CEOs.