The sole purpose of the NMJA online assessment is to identify at what phase you are at on your journey towards a fully developed nomadic mindset. The three phases are expressed as Departure, Discovery, Destination.

The user will answer 30 statements measuring on a range from strongly agree to strongly disagree. Following this the user will be sent a report to define more clearly the results and suggested steps forward.

Understanding your NMJA result is part of how leaders can create their competitive edge in a highly evolving and transforming world.


What is the nomadic mindset?

The nomadic mindset is a fluid mindset that is flexible, adaptable, creative, expansive thinking, agile, visionary, strategic and many other behaviour traits that typify it.

This mindset lives within us all and just may have been forgotten. The Nomadic Mindset and its behavioural traits and attitudes are what leaders and organisations are speaking about today, but not doing enough about it.

What the nomadic mindset integrates is ancient wisdom from nomadic cultures that I researched in Mongolia, Kenya, Morocco and Namibia and adapting it to the modern needs of leadership today and tomorrow.

This research combined with conversations of over 100 executives and numerous polls in Keynotes and Webinars for the past three years, strongly indicates, developing a nomadic mindset is what is needed to navigate this new World we find ourselves in.


What is the reason this Assessment is important for today?

To be able to solve the major challenges of this current world such as climate change, pandemics, economic fluctuations and collapses, pandemics, and much more, we as a human race must come together and collectively solve these issues with a fresh new mindset and view of the world.

We can only do this by getting ‘out of the way’ of our industrial revolutionary thinking, processes, systems and isolationism by looking to the good and best that humanity can be. This takes strong courageous leadership and a mindset that sees a much bigger picture for all and the planet we live on. This lives in the nomadic mindset.

New Leadership Mindset

The digitally transformed and ever evolving organisations of the 21st Century need additional leadership capabilities to those that were successful in the 20th Century. Leadership mindset is at the heart of this change and developing a mindset more suited for the VUCA world (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous multilateral world) in unpredictable times is paramount and the key to success. The NMJA is an awareness tool that helps mobilise, embolden and encourage leaders to transform their organisation for the fast ever-evolving environment ahead by thinking like a nomad.

Everyone is a Leader

In our view of the world, everyone is a leader and therefore, it takes everyone in an organisation to help it thrive and this will depend a lot on each person’s will and mindset, not just skill and competency. Hence, the nomadic mindset lives within all and each organisation. You can now start your journey to discover it by the NMJA.