Digital Transformation Assessment (DTA)

By the Digital Leadership Specialists


Is your organization:

– Finding it challenging to embed digital transformation into your organization?

– Battling to improve your customers’ experience?

– Looking for greater engagement in digital transformation across the organization?

These questions outline key challenges that we are seeing as organizations accelerate their digital transformation to remain competitive in this rapidly changing business environment. Our current research shows that a number of leaders find it challenging to move from adopting to aligning their digital transformation into their organization, which has been the impetus for us to develop the Digital Transformation Assessment.

In 2019, we published the Ticking Clock© Model after interviewing 1,847 leaders across North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific. The model guides leaders through the three strategic stages and 11 operational steps required to be successful in digital transformation.

This Digital Transformation Assessment (DTA) is designed to supplement and accelerate your  journey further, by identifying where your organization is on its digital maturity journey and identifying new opportunities and actions.

The assessment is structured on the Ticking Clock© Model, with three questions for each of the model’s 11 operational steps. After reflecting on the questions, you rate your organization on a scale of 1 to 7, where 1 is low (more negative) and 7 is high (more positive). After completing the assessment, you immediately receive your results with recommendations for next steps based on your responses.


Digital transformation has been launched within the organization. Investment in emerging technologies has been allocated. Employees are being upskilled, new methodologies such as agile and design thinking are being adopted, and the organization has initiated a move to being a data-first culture.


The organization is embedding the new way of working into its DNA. Progress is being achieved in that customer experiences are being improved by employees focusing on improving customer journeys. Leaders are shifting from vertical- to horizontal-style leadership as they empower employees. Changes are being made to the culture to support agile working through creating a culture of psychological safety. Partnerships and collaborations are being enabled through connected ecosystems.


Leaders understand how to strategically leverage new opportunities from the successful digital transformation. Decisions are data driven, faster, and more targeted. Customers have high trust and are acknowledging a significantly improved experience. Employees are acknowledging a more engaging and enjoyable work environment. New revenue opportunities have been created through the shift to platforms, ecosystem partnerships, and greater customer engagement. Decision-making based on data has become the standard way of working, and the organization is able to respond quicker and more effectively to customers and market changes.

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