Paul Parker

Paul has excelled as a footballer with Fulham, QPR, Manchester United and for his country, England. A journey culminating in the 1990 world cup finals, arguably England’s best performance at the competition since 1966.

Today he is active in the UK, S.E. Asia and wider as a pundit, blogger and coach. His passion for the game has never diminished.

Paul has worked under greats of the game like Sir Alex Ferguson and Sir Bobby Robson and, in our first suite of programmes, will use these experiences to share learnings around what makes great leaders, managers and coaches great; some of the secrets of their successes, the link to winning team performance and how they responded to setbacks.

In our ‘Beating the Odds’ programme, Paul’s own journey into professional sport, the prejudice he encountered, how he handled it and more form the centrepiece for an interactive, experience sharing workshop. In this we will parallel Paul’s stories and situations with the workplace challenges around diversity, inclusion and bias of all forms. This will help to establish clear conclusions and possible actions organisations and individuals can take, in building increasingly inclusive workplaces. |

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Achieving Excellence – Leadership and performance lessons from
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