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Sunil Narang

President & CEO of WDHB Inc.

Sunil is a corporate executive turned serial entrepreneur, bungee jumper and passionate bridge-builder across geographies and industries. He is the President & CEO of WDHB, a global pioneer in applying experiential approaches to strategic and organizational transformation.

Sunil holds degrees as certified accountant in multiple countries and looks back on a corporate career working 25 years for French, Japanese and American companies across the world. His truly global business experience includes living and traveling in more than 75 countries as a senior executive managing cross-functional teams worldwide. Thanks to his international biography, he has a deep knowledge of various cultures, understands what it takes to be successful in different environments and has learned to appreciate and respect people from all walks of life.

After successful years in corporate roles, with his resulting expertise in tow, wanting to make a difference following his purpose, Sunil established an independent firm providing advice and solutions in business transformation and process reengineering. In 2010, he acquired WDHB, the world leader in Learning Expeditions for executives, as a complement to the back-end focus. While orchestrating the evolution of WDHB into the first-choice partner for any organization seeking change in culture, performance and
innovation, Sunil has found a platform to apply his cross-cultural expertise and engaging facilitation style to the intense and intimate work with international leadership teams in extraordinary situations of re-orientation.

Sunil strongly believes that the current VUCA environment with its exponential changes and profound disruptions calls for a new paradigm of agility in organizations. In this constantly evolving world, a humancentric people strategy is the ultimate differentiator in defining success. His mantra is to keep it simple and take ownership of your actions and decisions.

Sunil is a regular speaker at conferences on strategy, innovation and transformation for companies across the globe. He is a passionate facilitator of WDHB’s tailor-made Learning Expeditions. When not traveling for work, Sunil is an avid reader and a lover of sports, following his path as a former professional soccer player, certified coach and referee.

About WDHB Inc.

WDHB in a Nutshell

Creating Change for Sustained Transformation

We believe that in a global business landscape, shaped by accelerating disruption and endless opportunities, the nature of corporate learning and development must change.
At WDHB, we help individuals, teams and organizations with programs, contents and advice to immerse themselves in the complexity of evolving ecosystems and get equipped with mindsets, skillsets and toolsets to find their own answers instead of following ready-made recipes.

Pioneers of Experiential Learning

Since the invention of the Learning Expedition by WDHB 30 years ago, WDHB has been at the forefront of organizational learning. Business landscapes, technologies as well as consumer and employee expectations have drastically changed and being able to constantly learn, unlearn and relearn has become more essential to strategic success than ever before. For individuals and organizations wishing to embrace new mindsets on change, agility and disruption, we count as trusted and purpose-driven partner. Together, we co-create the right solution to trigger, accelerate, solidify or sustain your transformation!

Inspired by a Bold Vision & Purpose

We are driven by the vision of a world that allows each and everyone to leverage experiences and exchanges across cultures to grow personally and professionally. Our purpose as a team is to inspire and empower individuals and organizations to embrace change as an opportunity and to create sustained and sustainable transformation.

Driven by Robust Approach Principles

Today, as we provide organizations with different kinds of transfor-mation support, we apply the same principles that have inspired our founder 30 years ago to create Learning Expeditions as a way to inspire change in the minds of leaders:

  • Human Centricity: Humans are the metric for change
  • Rooted in Authenticity: Reality is the best teacher
  • Sharing Ownership: Be the change you want to see
  • Learning by Reflecting: Time & space to generate value
  • Impact Focus: Actions speak louder than words
  • Living Agility: Staying nimble, starting right now

Agility with a Global Footprint

Since its foundation in the San Francisco Bay Area during some of the formative years of the Silicon Valley, WDHB has spread its wings and is now present with teams in four vibrant business hotspots across three continents: Denver in the heart of North America, Paris close to many of our first clients, Singapore with easy access to all of dynamic South East Asia and Zurich as international finance and innovation hub. This setup allows us to respond to client requests, manage on-site experiences and connect to ecosystems locally while providing us with the cultural empathy and the operational agility to handle any project.

Building on 30 Years of Experience

We draw energy from our values of Curiosity, Respect, Originality, Ingenuity, Generosity and Tenacity. They guide us just as much in the work we do for our clients as in the collaboration with each other. We also build upon the experience gathered in over 600 bespoke progams. With over 50 destinations served over the globe, and new ones being added each year, we are proud to say that every single program remains an original, tailored to our client’s specific circumstances. Our ever evolving approach has allowed over 12,000 executives from across different industries to become the drivers of their own transformation.

Offerings for an Exponential World

Recognizing the unique needs in every transformation context, we are offering to our partners an extended palette of engagement formats. In doing so, we are delivering the same passion, originality, agility and holistic thinking that distinguishes our signature Learning Expeditions to the world of corporate events, residential learning and business intelligence.

Four Types of Engagement

Depending on your organization’s position on its transformation journey, your strategic context or the concerned target group, your change needs will be drastically different. Beyond that, historical, cultural and practical factors may very well influence what intervention platform will prove to be the most effective.

We’ve packaged WDHB’s experience into four modes of engagement that will allow you to receive the change support that you need:

Effective Corporate Gatherings

Gathering your organization’s decisionmakers is essential to alignment and engagement. But you want more from those opportunities: you want to propel strategy forward, raise awareness around evolving contexts, catalyze ownership and leverage the collective intelligence of your community.

We understand your ambition and we know how people typically aquire new mindsets and behaviors. Build corporate events with inspiration, engagement and impact – going further than you can with
any event agency.

Intense Discovery Journeys

Seeing is believing. To change convictions and mindsets in the shortest of times, we provide bespoke
programs of unmatched intensity and originality.

Our signature Learning Expeditions are characterized by the right balance of immersive experiences and emergent learning, creating the exposure required for change. Proven in over 600 instances on various toics from hyper-strategic to intimately cultural or deeply operational, Learning Expeditions are the gold standard to satisfy the requirements of demanding audiences.

Impactful Development Programs

Reaching large communities of change-agents requires platforms that are easy to scale and replicate. How do you do this without becoming generic? We achieve high engagement applying our tested principles to classical learning & development, blending the efficiency of residential formats with new forms of immersion, learner empowerment and digital platforms.

By leveraging the power of authenticity, hands-on experience and reflection, we inspire communities in the service of their most strategic change projects.

Relevant Business Intelligence

Knowledge is power. Based on the expertise built from researching and designing over 3,000 custom-built program architectures and outlines, WDHB now brings you custom research as a service.

Leveraging our diverse set of intelligence sources and partners, we provide one-off custom projects as well as subscription models with completely versatile delivery formats. As usual, we guarantee the
right mix of relevance and provocation to ensure you keep being on the move.

We believe authentic conversations and experiences as well as individual and collective reflection produce the sustainable mindset shifts required to change an organization’s culture.

WDHB supports clients in their transformation by providing targeted interventions, turn-key frameworks and continuous coaching and support. We foster inspiration, build awareness, drive behavioral change and trigger action for clients to actively shape their future.

In all of our engagements, we ask ourselves: How is this contribution connected to your overall transformation journey and how can we ensure its sustainable impact? Together, we care that the content and the passion from our collaboration gets channeled to the right interfaces so that the rest of your organization benefits from your participants’ energy.

Beyond that, WDHB works with partners to provide you with satisfaction and impact analysis as well as support tools to solidify the effects of our shared efforts. Our common goal remains always to create sustained transformation.