Alfredo Castro

  • President of MOT,  a consulting company based in Miami, USA, Sao Paulo, Brazil and Lisbon.
  • Chairman of the ASTD Advisory Board 2010 (ICE Chicago), based in Washington, DC. 
  • Board member, certified by IBGC, Brazilian Corporate Governance Institute.
  • Author of 8 business books.
  • Co-author of ASTD Management Handbook. 

International business consultant experience in implementing blended learning programs and human resource projects, in more than 120 companies, and more than 25 countries (Asia, Africa, Europe and Americas).

Presented more than 27 sessions at ATD Conferences (The next one will be in San Diego, 2018may), and was the general coordinator of the Iberian American Forum (held for 9 times in USA as a part of the annual ATD conference).

Conducts projects for multicultural organizations like Clariant, Ford, Avon, Sony and many other big national companies. As a part of his activities, he conducted all DDI (Development Dimensions International) operations in Brazil for four years, with a constant contact with Dr. William C. Byham, Ph.D.

For 16 consecutive years, he has been at ASTD, and he is now the Chairman of the Advisory Committee.

He was also one of the international speakers who presented at ATD events in Asia and Americas, the next one an international conference held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Other international conferences: International speaker (2007 and 2010) at annual South African ASTD Global Net Work conference, one of plenary speakers at First Arabic world ASTD International Conference at Cairo, Egypt.

Awarded with leadership in T&D international area, in February 2008, Mumbai, India, and in 2012 as a Golden Global Member by ASTD, Denver.

Specialties: Both Brazilian and European nationalities (and passports), speaks English, Spanish and Portuguese.

About MOT Training and Development

MOT is based in Latin America and the US, providing unrivalled coverage across borders and language

“Developing Talent and Creating Success Stories”

We are internationally recognized as a company dedicated to TALENT DEVELOPMENT.

We develop and implement “tailored” programs of training and consulting.

Our main feature: flexibility and agility training, coaching, lectures, projects and development processes that generate robust results.

We conduct programs in various countries using English, Spanish and Portuguese, for more than twenty years in themes like leadership, sales, negotiation, coaching, mentoring and storytelling.

We have a team of professionals based in different countries with multidisciplinary experience in several segments, led by Alfredo Castro and Valeria Maria.