Integrative Learning Corporation Pte Ltd

Integrative Learning Corporation Pte Ltd (ILC), is a leading international consulting and management development group based in Singapore.

We offer customised leadership training, talent development and management solutions to meet the needs of our customers in a broad range of sectors include corporate, statutory boards, academic, non-profit and government.

The dynamic nature of global business is putting an ever-increasing pressure on companies to be constantly adapting, reinventing and transforming. Getting the best out of people can be organisation’s most important task. Encouraging people to continue to generate fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to maintain competitive advantage is critical to business success.

To be competitive, it’s more urgent now than before; any individual—like any company, community or country—has to adapt continuously, learn new fields and new skills. It boils down to people – expertise, skills and knowledge.

Underpinning our work is ILC’s commitment to partner with companies to bring in well-researched and proven methodologies to provide practical solutions to the many complex challenges and opportunities in the dynamic workplace. We provide you with our informed solutions, unique insights and best practices in the fields of leadership, learning solutions, talent management, and consultancy. We blend people and resources in your organisation with our groundbreaking services and technology. That is why we can provide you with a vastly improved user experience at a lower cost and a higher return on investment.

Together with you, our team of 50 experienced practitioners and thought leaders will support the dreams and aspirations of our workforce, and shape their learning and lives as contributing and exemplary citizens of the future and nurture your organisation into an outstanding, world-class practice.


  • Being Customer-Centered

Meeting our customers’ needs and adding value to their businesses are foremost in our minds all the time.

  • Passion and Commitment in Our Service Delivery

We have a passion for excellence and committed to delivering our services to exceed our customers’ expectations.

  • Ownership and Professionalism

We run Integrative as owners and strive for the highest professional standards in our work.

  • Integrity

We take pride in doing what is right. We strive for integrity in all our business and working relationships.