Kevin Cottam, PCC, CCM, BSc

‘Kevin has a very unique background from working as a coach to Olympic champions to creating large-scale productions.  He is original in his thinking and helps his clients to develop their own new solutions by challenging their creative mind set.’
Robin Lokerman, Group President, MCI Group Singapore

Kevin, is Canadian and a TEDx and Global Nomad Keynote Speaker, Executive Coach and author, who has currently journeyed the globe and specifically, Mongolia, Kenya and Morocco researching the ancient leadership wisdom of nomads to find what is ‘The Nomadic Mindset’. He combines the qualities of this mindset with executive conversations in his fresh new story driven and case study leadership book, The Nomadic Mindset… Never Settle for Too Long”. His image filled stories and concrete learning take you on an inspirational and transformative journey.

From ice rinks of the world to boardrooms and training rooms of multi-national enterprises to stages at conferences, audiences and clients say, Kevin is a ‘passionate not business as usual speaker’ and ‘they want that peaceful elegant grace he has’.  His quiet authority, powerful presence and unique global living ignites clients to seek him out, listen and work with him.

Formerly an elite figure skating choreographer of World and Olympic Champions, director and choreographer for the ’88 Olympic Closing Ceremonies, Holiday on Ice and Disney on Ice, he leverages this success combined with his current coaching and training work with leaders and managers to build, grow and encourage whole leaders who lead with an awareness of their dominant mindset.

Through his nomadic and executive research, he has discovered a fresh new behavioral/personality framework and assessment looking at an individuals and organization dominant mindset. It is called the NBS Mindsets Assessment – or the Nomadic Builder Settler Mindsets.

Using the nomadic mindset as the base of his work, he speaks and coaches on leadership, which covers a variety of areas such as resilience, vision/purpose, team unity, engagement and the NBS Mindsets. Some of the organizations, associations and institutions, he has worked with are Club Med, UBS, Givaudan, Mediacorp, L’Oreal, Nestle, Thales, Prulia 13 years at the European Union (Commission, Council, Parliament).

He is a Certified Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coach / Success Unlimited Coach / and NLP Practitioner. He is an active member of the International Coaching Federation (PCC), Asia Pacific Singapore Speakers and Malaysian Association of Professional Speakers.

An avid sportsman, creator and global nomad who loves, swimming, kayaking, working out, yoga, meditation, traveling, great conversations and meeting new people of different cultures.  His current research has led him to fulfill on a philanthropic dream to begin financially supporting the education of Maasai children in the Maasai Mara, Kenya.

His first book, a self-help book ‘Aha, Mother’s Pearls’, is a precursor journey book to The Nomadic Mindset based on the lessons that Aha Moments can enrich your life and leadership.

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The Nomadic Mindset… Never Settle for Too Long (Exclusive collaborative offering with Kevin Cottam)

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