Anne Boisier-Fouché

Senior consultant, Performance Works International

Anne Boisier-Fouché is a multi-talented entrepreneur, international trainer and consultant, highly skilled in Brand & Marketing Strategies and Operations, People Development and Communication.

A passionate, cross-cultural educator and communicator, Anne is a catalyst for sustainable transformation and growth, with over 20 years of experience within the industry across Asia and Europe. In previous roles with Unilever, Christian Dior, L’Oréal and as Managing Director of her own consultancy business, Anne’s roles have included brand and marketing, sales, operations, general management, training, communications and business development.

Today, Anne lives in London where she has successfully established her own consultancy and training agency, specializing in People Development Solutions to drive business forward.  Drawing on her years of international experience, Anne designs and facilitates training around the world and teaches several courses at Dauphine University in Paris.

A dynamic trainer, Anne believes in the transformative nature of learning and development by the breaking down of walls between learning and business.

Highly respected for her business acumen, strategic thinking, energy and unique, empowering workshops, Anne’s clients return time and time again – no one is ever the same after training with Anne!

Anne is also actively involved in the organisation, Shine4Women. Women account for only 25% of senior positions. So Shine was set up to help create the change everyone wants to see. Bringing real energy & impact into womens’ lives, everywhere. Shine4Women published a recent short interview with Anne, which we are delighted to reproduce here for some personal insight!

Anne’s responses.


Managing to build a career despite relocating 3 times in the past 10 years and building meaningful, successful businesses each time . Starting hot yoga at 40 and getting through a one-hour flow twice a week without collapsing. Hearing my 3 kids say I am clever, kind and cool (altogether) . Baking bread every other day (without a machine!).


Jumping into the world of people development and training without prior experience and still getting super excited about it every single day, making every project a learning experience for me.


Travelling to far away places with my 3 energetic children and my amazing husband at least once a year,  eating out in off the beaten track restaurants, yoga, my paper agenda and my Dyson vacuum cleaner.


Injustice, small and big, intolerance, people throwing litter on the street or jumping in the queue. 


Being put on probation at the end of my first year of Uni despite skipping first year on merit, because I was having so much fun discovering life in Canada!