How to Become a Digitally Driven Organization – Keynote



It’s not about having a digital strategy but a strategy in a digital world.

In this stimulating and informative keynote, the Ticking Clock© Guys (aka Jeremy Blain and Robin Speculand) answer the critical question: “How do you become a digitally driven organization?”

According to various research, 84% of digital executions are failing. This keynote addresses the top reasons for that failure and the mistakes many organizations are making. Based on their own recent research, the Ticking Clock© Guys explain the impact of shorter strategy life cycles and why many leaders are not prepared for tomorrow. And that is just the opening.

The keynote focuses on The Ticking Clock© Model that consists of the three strategic stages and 11 steps to becoming a digitally driven organization. Many of the steps are new to leaders and require their time, focus and openness to adopting them. Using stories and examples, the keynote outlines what is involved and shares best practices from early adopters. It also explains why not every organization needs to be digitally driven by tomorrow and how digital execution is different from past strategy executions.

The keynote addresses:

  • Reasons a high number of digital executions fail
  • Research on the state of digital across three continents
  • Three strategic stages for preparing to adopt digital
  • 11 steps for adopting digital
  • Difference between traditional and digital execution
  • Key examples and stories


The Ticking Clock© Guys

The Ticking Clock Guys

Jeremy Blain and Robin Speculand collaborate to offer organizations guidance on how to go digital. Based in Europe and Asia respectively, they share a passion for supporting organizations to adopt digitalization. Their research and consultancy work have led them to be known as the Ticking Clock© Guys.

Jeremy is an award-winning business leader, a recognized International GameChanger™ and a human capital expert. He is also CEO of Performance Works International, a professional consultancy that helps traditional organizations transform into dynamic businesses ready for the demands of the future. Over the past 20 years, Jeremy has supported businesses in most major markets in the world. He has helped leaders and teams drive cultural shifts that respond well to the fast-changing digital era. Jeremy lives in the UK.

Robin is a recognized pioneer and expert in strategy and digital implementation. He is also the founder and CEO of Bridges Business Consultancy Int and creator of the Implementation Hub, the world’s first online portal dedicated to strategy implementation. He is the co-founder of the Strategy Implementation Institute and an  international bestselling author who has sold more than 45,000 books worldwide. Robin is lives in Singapore.

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