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Full-day Workshop

A practical one-day interactive workshop designed to help individuals navigate the world of personal branding and discover the confidence to put themselves out there.

What participants will walk away with

  • A new appreciation for their story and their unique combination of qualities
  • Tools to manage imposter syndrome (it never goes away)
  • Strategies on how to overcome rejection and negative feedback from others
  • A clear vision for their personal brand that will resonate with who they are and what they stand for
  • A compelling and persuasive brand message that allows them to connect with those they aim to serve
  • Tips on how to create a powerful bio and confidence to share it on all platforms
  • A powerful framework on how to communicate and bring their personal brand to life


Keynote Speaker’s Profile – Carlii Lyon


For the past 15 years, Carlii Lyon has been shaping the personal brands of remarkable individuals from across the globe. Her past clients include a world-leading supermodel (Miranda Kerr), New York Times bestselling authors, inventors, musicians, and even a British celebrity foot reader!

Today Carlii speaks about personal branding to the teams of iconic brands internationally and is helping everyday individuals master the art of putting themselves out there.

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    “I genuinely felt this is one of the best workshops I have attended. Carlii your presentation style was impressive, the session was excellent and I came away feeling very educated and inspired. Thank you.”

    – Sharleen Phengsavath, Senior HR, REVLON

    “Carlii recently delivered her personal branding workshop to our corporate team, consisting of women from various backgrounds, skills, ages, and areas of expertise. Carlii possesses that rare talent of being able to connect with everyone in a room quickly and authentically, and within a couple of short but powerful hours, we were uplifted, challenged, moved and ultimately completely inspired. I highly recommend Carlii to any business that believes that their team are worth investing in, because what she gave us in that short time has enriched us and given us more confidence to go for what we want and become our best-selves. Thank you Carlii” 

    – Tina Bannister, General Manager Prestige at Elizabeth Arden

    “We recently had the pleasure of experiencing Carlii’s Personal Branding Masterclass at our NIVEA office. Carlii had an incredible ability of connecting and relating to each woman in the room on such a personal level. Her experiences, emotions personal barriers were all too familiar to those of us in the room and through this she managed to leave an impression on all who attended. We had incredible feedback from participants on what a worthwhile few hours the session was and how Carlii had managed to really dig deep into the inner thoughts and worries that prevent us from reaching our full potential. Her energy, genuine care and presence was memorable and we hope to have the chance to hear her speak again soon.”

    – Sue Mehana, HR Business Partner NIVEA

    “I highly recommend Carlii as a PR personal branding expert. She has deep knowledge of the craft and art of personal branding, developed over many years of advising some of the world’s most eminent individuals on their PR and brands. Her immense expertise was developed not in academia but in the trenches, solving real-world challenges for real-world companies, stars and executives. Carlii blends this high-level proficiency with a wonderful heart- all her clients know that she deeply cares. In summary: Carlii Lyon has expertise, experience and soul. A rare combination.”

    – Siimon Reynolds, Co Founder The Fortune Institute