The future of work is now

An interactive keynote session delivered by Jeremy BLAIN, Chief Executive of Performance Works International

AIThe Challenge:

The fast pace of how we live and work today is driving business into incremental and radical change, as a constant. Some organisations are coping with this and many are not. The pace of change is catching enterprise unaware across many parts of the world. Transforming our organisations to be ready for the future is not about the “what” anymore. It is more a problem of “why and how to do it”.

As we head to the 2020s workplace we will witness further shift as we encounter a perfect storm of factors that will challenge our companies, leaders, managers and teams –worldwide. These factors can be summarised as 5 forces that will enable or block success in this transformational era.

Those organisations embracing and driving the agenda in these areas understand how central each factor is to competitive advantage now; and to protecting customer experiences into the 2020s and beyond.

5 force

Our session will take a look at the following and will be accompanied by live mobile polling (smartphone polling), to involve everyone in pulse surveys as we progress

  • We will summarise the current state of the workplace and the 5 Forces driving incremental and radical change
  • We will show how Digital is binding all 5 forces inextricably together as the glue for Company 4.0
  • We will link the acceleration of digital tech with the greater need for the human touch as organisations fight for competitive advantage in hyper times
  • We will paint a picture of what the workforce of the future could look like and how organisations now are gearing up for the decade ahead.
  • We will ensure there is time for Q&A at the end of the session for you to engage with Jeremy directly

Keynote Speaker’s Profile  – Jeremy Blain

Jeremy BlainJeremy is an award-winning business leader, a recognized International GameChanger™ and a human capital expert. He is also CEO of Performance Works International, a professional consultancy that helps traditional organizations transform into dynamic businesses ready for the demands of the future. Over the past 20 years, Jeremy has supported businesses in most major markets in the world. He has helped leaders and teams drive cultural shifts that respond well to the fast-changing digital era. Jeremy lives in the UK. Read More ►


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