Developing leaders to meet complex challenges in the highly disruptive, digital, VUCA-driven World.



“In recent times, the explosion of data and unprecedented advances in computer processing power globally have dramatically increased the capacity to support decision making within various functional operations in organizations across industries. The world has moved well beyond basic and enhanced process automation and is entering an era of cognitive automation leveraging on artificial intelligence and robotics. The World Economic Forum is calling this the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”. The impact of advanced technologies and its impact on leadership touches virtually every industry and organization on many levels, from strategic planning and marketing to supply chain management and customer service”.


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– Sattar Bawany (2020)

Leadership in Disruptive Times.

Business Expert Press (BEP) LLC, New York, NY. ISBN-13: 978-1-94944-304-2


Today the world has moved well beyond basic and enhanced process automation. It is entering an era of cognitive automation leveraging on artificial intelligence and robotics which the World Economic Forum termed as the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” (also known as Industry 4.0).

To ensure their readiness toward digital business transformation, most organizations would deploy state-of-the-art technology. But do they have a relevant structure and the right talent in place? Will they be equipped to attract, develop, and retain digital talent? Do they know what it takes to lead in a digital era which is expected to be more intense in the coming years? These are questions that many, if not all, organizations are grappling with as they seek to succeed in developing their next generation (future) leaders in the digital era.

Organization and leadership transformation is expected to continue in the near future in view of the insurmountable challenges posed by a highly disruptive, digital and VUCA-driven Industry 4.0[1].

Digitization has an impact on companies in various sectors. In each case, the impact is a different one which makes it essential for companies to have a good understanding and view of what they face and how Digitisation will affect their company: which opportunities can be seized and which threats have to be faced?

This keynote presentation will include the latest research findings on the recommendations to resolve the various organizational and leadership challenges that have a direct impact on the sustainability of organizations of all sizes across various industries in global markets including the greater Asia Pacific region.

This session aims to provide the following:

  • Leaving the session with a renewed sense of energy as time out from the day-to-day gives them space and freedom to think and self-reflect in today’s highly disruptive, digital-driven workplace
  • Gain a clear understanding of the context for successful leadership today’s Industry 4.0
  • Understand the importance of Cognitive Readiness (including Critical Thinking and Emotional Intelligence) leadership competencies in driving the organization to success in this ‘new’ normal

[1] Sattar Bawany (2020) Leadership in Disruptive Times.  Business Expert Press (BEP) LLC, New York, NY. ISBN-13: 978-1-94944-304-2


Keynote Speaker’s Profile – Prof Sattar Bawany, CMEC

Prof Sattar Bawany is the Chief Executive Officer & C-Suite Master Executive Coach of the Centre for Executive Education (CEE Global).

He is also a Senior Consultant with Performance Works International (PWI).

Prof Bawany is concurrently the Managing Director of Executive Development Associates (EDA) Inc. in the Asia Pacific region.

He is currently the Adjunct Professor of Organisational Leadership with Curtin Graduate School of Business (CGSB) and a member of the International Advisory Board of Curtin University. He is also the Adjunct Professor of Strategy with the Paris Graduate School of Management (PGSM).

Prof Bawany is an Adjunct Faculty of Harvard Business Publishing Corporate Learning who partners with clients to create world-class leadership development solutions for managers at all levels in global organizations and governments. Read More ►


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