Millennials entering the workforce are profoundly changing the face of the corporate world. Not content just to make money, they crave purpose, kindness, and sustainability. Even traditional companies like CISCO have introduced kindness as a key business advantage—with solid business results. Their share price has doubled. Even Forbes and the Harvard Business Review recommend this not-so-new philosophy, re-tooled as a business practice.The message is simple: karma and kindness are good for people and for business.But how do we do kindness, as people, as teams, as organizations?Based on her book Karma in Action ~ How to Use Karma and Kindness to Grow Your Business for Prosperity and Success, Joanne’s keynote is lighthearted and meaningful. She shares her own journey in dealing with the shift from doing a job out of fear to working from joy. It’s a highly interactive session, as Joanne believes that every one of us can create great karma when we get into it—and that the perfect time is right now. Her workshops take people and teams through eight simple daily actions they can easily put into practice to increase the kindness in their daily lives, improve their job performance, sales, and cash flow, and radically increase the quality and quantity of the love they give and receive.

“A poignant and timely reminder that the corporate world as a whole has gone through a cathartic change in the last two decades. Leadership is about empowering those whom you serve. What legacy will you leave behind? How will your teams remember you in ten years’ time? Karma in Action is a highly recommended book by a true modern-day Renaissance thinker.”

—Hema Prakash, Board Member and Asia CEO of Two Unicorns,

The KIA program is underpinned by solid neuroscience of brain behavior and human performance. Based on ancient wisdom with a modern twist, Karma and Kindness provides a useful framework and practical actions to put the Golden Rule into action as simple, pragmatic daily acts.

Karma in Action is available on Amazon, the Book Depository, and at You can learn more about karma here too.

About the Speaker:

JOANNEJoanne Flinn, the Business Growth Lady, is a business advisor and coach for executives and entrepreneurs. She ran her first $10 million business at 24 in Australia before going on to lead the Financial Services Consulting Practice for PricewaterhouseCoopers in Thailand and then joining the IT Exco of a major Asian Bank to lead the human side of a billion-dollar digital disruption. She’s taught risk management and ethics at CPA Australia, lectured at universities, and examined project managers. Joanne co-founded the Change Leaders, a global professional community aligned with HÈC Paris and Saïd Business School at the University of Oxford.

Twice a TEDx speaker, Joanne has spoken for industry associations including the Asian Banker, corporations including Bank Julius Bär, Calvin Klein, KPMG, and Singapore Post, and with personal development leaders including Anthon Robbins and Success Resource. She is the author and editor of five books on business and digital and human change. Her most recent book, Karma in Action ~ How to Use Karma and Kindness to Grow Your Business for Prosperity and Success, is available online at Amazon and the Book Depository.

As an international artist, her work  under the name Booth Aster is in collections in five countries and has been exhibited in multiple museums. You can learn more about her artist life at

Joanne has degrees in economics, law, finance, and investment from Australia and a Master of Science in Consulting and Coaching for Change from HÈC Paris and Saïd Business School at the University of Oxford. She authored the International Board Governance Practices program for CPA Australia in 2019.


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