In the digital age, traditional HRM practices run the risk of becoming irrelevant! Technological advancements, economic conditions, and changes in the global labour market have all challenged organisations to re-examine their existing people management strategies in order to remain competitive. For example, in the blended workforce, companies must now widen their talent lens to consider managing the performance of full-time employees vs. part-time workers, in-house staff vs. independent contractors, online vs. offline workers, digital natives vs. digital novices, and even humans vs. robots…yes robots!

While the above sounds like an abstract from ‘Back to the Future’, this future is already here with major firms like Best Buy, Yotel and Adidas using robots to cut costs and increase productivity. As a result, organisations are also challenged to redeploy their talent pools as once necessary skills become obsolete.

This interactive keynote will provide participants with insights into the how to address the challenges the future workplace presents to business and individuals alike. It will then introduce and discuss ‘Gig-HR’, a trademarked term coined by Rochelle to address how organisations can re-engineer their HRM practices to fit an increasingly dynamic work environment.

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Keynote Speaker’s Profile – Dr. Rochelle A. Haynes

Rochelle is a qualified and published HR professional, consultant and speaker. Originally from Barbados, she has a demonstrated history of working with public and private sector organisations, both locally and internationally, in the fields of Accounting, HRM and International Business, and holds a PhD in International Human Resource Management.

Through her PhD, Rochelle has worked with multinational companies from several countries, including the UK, the US, Germany, Spain, France, Japan, Denmark, and India, and has written on the strategic functions of expatriate managers in these global enterprises. In addition to independent consulting, she is a senior lecturer in HRM at the University of the West of England. She also works with the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD) as an employability mentor across the UK, a role for which she was nationally commended.

Rochelle is also the founder and principal partner Crowd Potential Consulting Group and delivers specialist workshops and interactive sessions across different regions including Europe, Latin America and Asia. Her past keynotes and workshop topics have included career enhancement, performance management, the digital economy, leadership development, expatriate management, and changing business models. Recently, she was invited to speak in Indonesia on managing performance in the gig economy, as a part of her on-going research project which has been funded by top-ranking financial institution, Santander.


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