Many organisations start implementing Agile practices, while maintaining a bureaucratic mentality. That is why, main organisation fail at Agile. It is crucial to have an Agile mentality. This session includes new statistics and data about Agile as well as percussion-based exercises which are a powerful metaphor for Agile teams. In this highly interactive session, you will learn:

  • the essence of Agile
  • reasons why Agile transformations fail
  • best practices about Agile transformations
  • inspiring practices from successful companies
  • Percussion-based exercise on active listening * based on modern Agile valuesof Joshua Kerievsky. Everyone plays the percussion
  • Percussion-based exercise on alignment* based on the concepts of multiplex ties, purpose and structural holes. Everyone plays the percussion
  • a practical approach to make your organisation more Agile

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Keynote Speaker’s Profile – Mehmet Baha

Baha is Founder of Solution Folder which provides training solutions and keynote talks to create collaborative work culture in companies. After obtaining a scholarship from Fulbright, he did his master’s in Washington DC, USA in the area of conflict resolution. He has more than 17 years of work experience residing in Germany, USA, Turkey, Cyprus and Ireland. He was also one of the first employees of Facebook in Europe where he helped Facebook scale its business. So far, he has given speeches and done trainings in 23 countries across 4 continents. Recently, he completed MIT Sloan Executive Education Program “Leading Organisations and Change”. Regularly, he writes articles about leadership, learning & development and Agile which are featured on The HR Observer, a leading business platform. He is also a REMO-endorsed artist. Combining his skills in music and his expertise in business, he designs and delivers unique keynote talks to make companies more collaborative and Agile.


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