Your implementation roadmap to adopting digital


The clock is ticking for leaders to adopt digital. How ready is your organization?

Leaders are aware that adopting digital is now a necessity and that yesterday’s success no longer guarantees tomorrow’s performance. Leaders are asking the critical question, “How do we adopt digital?”

To answer this and to support today’s changing business model, organizations need to consider investing in areas such as:

  • Adopting data analytics
  • Leveraging algorithms
  • Upgrading legacy systems
  • Becoming cloud native
  • Using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Becoming agile
  • Leveraging Internet of Things
  • Upgrading employees’ skills

The Ticking Clock Guys

The Ticking Clock Guys© (aka Jeremy Blain and Robin Speculand) recently interviewed more than 1,800 leaders across North America, Europe and Asia Pacific to identify the current state of digital. It was alarming to discover that almost half of the leaders interviewed did not even have “becoming digital” as a strategic initiative. The clock needs to be ticking louder for them!

“It’s not about having a digital strategy but having a strategy for a digital world.”


Where to Begin?

If you are looking for the structure to guide you through how to adopt digital this interactive and stimulating one-day workshop will address you needs as well as building your:

  1. Awareness
  2. Execution
  3. Roadmap

ticking clock model1. Awareness

Prior to attending the workshop, you are invited to complete a short digital maturity model assessment.

The workshop addresses the different components of becoming a digitally driven organization and why it’s critical to be future fit. It demonstrates the three strategic stages and 11 steps for becoming digitally driven—called The Ticking Clock© Model. The model, illustrated here, provides a platform to start from and a place to focus.


compass2. Execution

Research featured in Forbes magazine and IBM’s website reveals that 84% of digital executions are failing. It’s one thing to know what to do and another to actually do it.That’s why this workshop focuses on the “how to” of digitization. As a supplement to The Ticking Clock© Model, you’ll experience the value of this proven eight-dimension Implementation Compass™. The Compass supports you in achieving excellence as you execute your strategy.


roadmap3. Roadmap

During the workshop, you will work on your personal implementation roadmap to identify what your organization needs to do, when to do it and how to get it to action. This will allow you to have a concrete idea of what needs to happen first in your organization before you leave the workshop.



Workshop Outcomes

  • Assess your position on the digital maturity model
  • Discover why 84% of digital executions fail
  • Understand what digitalization means to your business
  • Learn the different components of becoming a digitally driven organization based on The Ticking Clock© Model
  • Identify how to become excellent in execution by adopting each of the eight essential areas of the Implementation Compass™
  • Identify new opportunities to remain competitive
  • Initiate the design of your digital roadmap so you can act on it when you return to your office
  • Learn lessons from early adopters of digitalization, mini case studies, examples, stories and videos


Course Outline

Prior to attending the workshop, you are invited to complete our digital maturity model assessment.


1. Are You Ready for Digitalization?
Internationally, the way we conduct business is changing. This module looks at what is happening and how it affects organizations like yours.

Activity: Identify your key stress points and opportunities in becoming a more digitally driven business.

2. The Ticking Clock© Model
Most of the steps to transform an organization are not part of its current DNA. This means leaders need to step up to adopt new thinking and approaches to transform the business.

This module outlines what is involved to become digitally driven by explaining the three strategic stages and 11 steps of The Ticking Clock© Model.

Activity: Identify opportunities to apply the main building blocks of The Ticking Clock© Model to your business.

3. Your Digitalization Roadmap
You assess what you need to do differently and what the journey ahead looks like by developing a high-level digitalization roadmap.

Activity: Recognize and discuss how to apply key learning to your organization. You’ll start to build a physical roadmap, which will be enhanced throughout the afternoon.



4. Strategic Cadence
Not every organization needs to be digitally driven immediately. Depending on your market, industry and your strategy’s aggressiveness, you could move at a slow, medium or fast cadence.

Activity: Identify the strategic cadence for your organization and discuss its implications.

5. Human Capital
Becoming a digitally driven organization is not just about technology; it’s about technology and people. This can drive and inspire a whole new organizational culture in which employees are empowered and able to adjust within an agile organization. This module considers the mindset and cultural shifts required by everyone—from the senior leaders through to individual contributors.

Activity: Discover how to ensure your people are prepared and participating in your transformation. Continue to build your digitalization roadmap.

6. Execution Framework – The Implementation Compass™
This framework introduces the eight areas for Excellence in Execution and discusses where leaders need to focus as they implement. The module shares examples, stories and tips from top-performing organizations.

Activity: Consider and assess which areas of your organization are strong and which will require more focus as you implement your digitalization strategy.

7. Your Digitalization Roadmap
Review your learning journey and identify what you should start doing, stop doing and continue doing as you execute your roadmap for success.


  1. Recognize and discuss how to apply key learning to others in your organization.
  2. Develop the digitalization roadmap as your high-level blueprint to becoming a digitally driven organization.
  3. Establish key actions to build momentum following this workshop.


Who Benefits Most from this Workshop?

This workshop is designed for leaders looking for a framework to guide them through the digitalization of their business.


Course Facilitators – The Ticking Clock© Guys

Jeremy Blain and Robin Speculand collaborate to offer organizations guidance on how to go digital. Based in Europe and Asia respectively, they share a passion for supporting organizations to adopt digitalization. Their research and consultancy work have led them to be known as the Ticking Clock© Guys.

Jeremy is an award-winning business leader, a recognized International GameChanger™ and a human capital expert. He is also CEO of Performance Works International, a professional consultancy that helps traditional organizations transform into dynamic businesses ready for the demands of the future. Over the past 20 years, Jeremy has supported businesses in most major markets in the world. He has helped leaders and teams drive cultural shifts that respond well to the fast-changing digital era. Jeremy lives in the UK.

Robin is a recognized pioneer and expert in strategy and digital implementation. He is also the founder and CEO of Bridges Business Consultancy Int and creator of the Implementation Hub, the world’s first online portal dedicated to strategy implementation. He is the co-founder of the Strategy Implementation Institute and an  international bestselling author who has sold more than 45,000 books worldwide. Robin is lives in Singapore.

Contact Jeremy and / or Robin directly here:

Jeremy – 

Robin –


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